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During the past six months I have been researching ways of how to control radon gas and to see if there was a way of deflecting or moving radon gas from a critical area to a safe area. Not always possible if there is heavy population or buildings but in some cases it is possible. My client has the latest technology machine which gives the readings of radon gas on the property and yes radon ags can go very high and go very low, it is never stable. What I wanted to try and do was to bring it down from a high reading to a low reading and within the safety margins that is recognised as safe and the challenge for me is to keep at a safe level at all times. To do this I have had to check the radon gas area firstly by remote survey of the site to see if there is radon gas at the property in question also to find out what symptoms may be occurring with the people living in the property to see if there is any connection. So far I have managed to move the radon gas from A to B but not far enough away so my trials are still on going and I am making further site visits.

This is what you need to know before your Proceed to Try and Control Radon Gas

Before you venture on any projects like this you must make sure that you understand and read up and be trained on radon gas or detrimental energies so that you are fully aware of the risks and what causes radon gas and what can be done to protect your home and property. Once you have picked up the radon gas with your remote surveying and you have drawn it out with coloured crayons following your personal colour code ( you need to experiment what colour code suits you personally for dealing with radon gas via remote surveying) to yourself on the Google earth map you then go to the site and then mark it out with surveyor flags indicating the direction that it is going, where it is coming from and going to on the property, and also the width of the radon gas, this way we then know the direction it is taking. Very often the colour code affects the numbers and bringing the numbers down nearer to the safe region. Once this is completed we then have to find a way of intercepting the radon gas on site and deflect it from the building.

My trials are still ongoing but I am fairly confident that we will complete and find out the answer and reduce or deflect the radon gas from the property which would then help the health of the people living in it.

As far as I am aware no one has managed to succeed in moving the radon gas from area to another.

Further updates will follow once the trials have been completed later this year and we are satisfied that we have managed to deflect the radon gas and push the boundaries of research.

If anyone is interested in learning the art of geopathic stress and locating radon gas or changing or transforming detrimental energies from bad energies into energies I take teaching classes on this subject. Please contact me via telephone or email for further information.