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geopathic stress
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Geopathic Stress Energies

What you need to know when helping a client to solve a problem.

Firstly,You must ask “may I, can I and should I” prior to doing anything. Then check your postitivity, you need to be at the very least 95% out of 100% before you can start.
Once you have reached that level you can then continue. Useful tip is:- check to see if there is a good energy field in the area where you are working which you can go to if your energy drops and you need to recharge yourself with good energies. This is very important, and this procedure should be used in any of the following, water dowsing, earth energy dowsing, archaeology dowsing, dowsing for health.

The questions that you must ask clients when dealing with geopathic stress and also the symptoms thereof :- How long have they lived in that particular property? How many live within the property? How many suffer from “what particular” symptoms and when did these start? Detrimental energy symptoms can vary greatly. In some cases Black energies or bad energies can affect a persons personality, this can happen when they are working within a black or bad energy field, other symptoms can be, lack of energy and motivation, some people may not suffer from any affects but it depends on the person's sensitivity. The other important thing that the diviner needs to know prior to doing any of the subjects listed above plus other subjects not listed here, is, he needs to learn each subject off by heart so that his mind is like a computer and is able to visualise the subject in detail and understand it all.

For instance, there are many ways of getting rid of bad energy fields from a clients property. 1 method is to show the property on Google Earth maps and then dowse the site remotely for bad energies going through the property and its surroundings. The question “Is there any bad energy fields going through the property?” when asking the question, make sure your finger is in contact with the map on the screen. This gives you the connection to that part of the world. If you get a “Yes” answer then mark out the whole length of that bad energy field on the map, so that you should have 2 lines running parallel through the property indicating the bad energy field, one each side of the field. Once you have completed this stage, check the area again to see if there is another bad energy field running through the same property at a different angle. If so do the same procedure as you did with the first one. Assuming that there is no more than 2 bad energy fields, then you can create a shield of protection around the property to deflect the bad energy away from it.

This is done by using a colour code which you yourself have to create by asking which colour is needed to deflect the bad energy fields, i.e. select a crayon (of 1 colour each time) and ask “is this the correct colour to deflect and create the shield of protection for the property? Eventually you will get the answer “Yes” answer, You may have to use more than 1 colour, so ask after every colour “ is this now complete?” the yes or no answer will guide you to the next stage.

Once you have your colour code you need to ask “where is the bad energy coming from? and “where is it going to” (flow of energy) this will give you a guide as to where to start to place your shield of protection. The shield should be at least 4 times bigger than the property and its boundaries you are protecting. When you have a guide point, start the crayon to create a circular shield at the point where the bad energy enters the area to be protected, and to deflect the bad energy field from this area, thus creating an exclusion zone.

This is a basic introduction to map surveying remotely. There are many other methods which I will post to my website in due course.

There is another method which can be done remotely or on-site. If you do it remotely i.e. map surveying, you do have to be well qualified for this. The reason being that energies should not be toyed with. You need to be experienced and competent.

Again marking out, as above, the bad energy field, and where it enters the property. You then face the energy so that it flows towards you. Using one hand with a dowsing rod, and the other with the palm facing the energy, moving it in a clockwise circular motion, saying change this energy from black energy into good white energy right to its core, to where it is created and continue to do this until the dowsing rod stops moving. Then ask “Is this completed?” If yes then turn in the opposite direction, moving with the flow of energy, continue to follow and change bad to good until it eventually peters out. This can also be used on-site, just to confirm your remote findings.