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Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Dear Peter.
Thank you for the work.  Bill and I already feel a difference in the building.  It is very hard to describe, we feel not so dragged down, like a weight has lifted. We feel more clarity and calmer.  I know it  is early days,  are sleep last night was not so disturbed.  We feel a shift. I know very little about what to expect, but would be right in saying that if we had magnetic forces they would have been pulling us like a magnet, this way and that? I would like to enquire whether you would do more work for us, because I did not include the buildings to the right of our barn or the  sheds and big shed in front of us, and to the left of those sheds, another shed, all potential work spaces!!!  I have my studio to the right and I was looking at the ley line and it seemed it was heading for this building. I have been pondering  on whether to stay with my current art studio,  or to move to another building.  Could you suggest from your work where my optimum  art/creative space could be and for that matter Bills? When you neutralise the ley lines , magnetic fields and sub energies, is it just in the defines of the photograph or does it extend beyond, if so how far? Bill has drawn a red outline around the boundary of our property, so hopefully you can see the buildings I have mentioned. I hope this is not too complicated.  Please let us know how much  this will cost and if you have time to do this, or if infact,  we do not need to do this. Thankyou very much indeed, for your work, and I look forward to hearing from you. Its snowing here! Regards, Rachel