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 history of Clogau gold mine

Inside Clogau gold mine, taken when I was there. They show the geology of different parts of the mine. The white on the photos are the quartz veins in the rock. The darker parts are the black shales and the ladders are what we used to climb up.

the entrance to St Davids Gold Mine


geology inside the mine - the white areas are the quartz and the black is the black shale

The entrance to Garth Gold Mine on Clogau Mountain

Inside St Davids Gold Mine - ladders start at low level John Hughes' Lode, going up to the top level within John Hughes' Lode where gold was found at 5 grams per ton

This is number two shaft at St Davids Gold Mine, with one of the gold miners

So as you can see the history of Clogau gold mine is a long and interesting one, and my involvement in dowsing for new sources of gold within the mine was a challenge but enjoyable too.