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Water Divining

         Roy Talbot Water Divining Award

        Professional Water Dowser Certificate

          Questions to ask before you sink a borehole

          Water Dowsing for Abenbury Spring Water

Water Dowsing for Domestic Water Supplies

    Testimonial for Dowsing Domestic Water customer


Dowsing for Gold

       Testimonial for dowsing Clogau gold

       Testimonial for dowsing Welsh gold.htm

           Testimonial for dowsing for Australian gold


Dowsing Oil

           Reference for Dowsing Oil Fields Australia

        Reference for Dowsing Oil Fields - Chevron

         Reference for Dowsing Hydrocarbons


Dowsing Geopathic stress

        Geopathic Stress Testimonial


Archeaological Dowsing


 Volunteer Water Dowsing Zambia - Village Water Charity


Teaching Water Divining

         Professional Water Dowser Tutor Certificate

Excerpt from English Book of Magic

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